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“The PRISE® Protocol Lifestyle strategies will optimize abdominal fat loss, increase lean muscle mass, fitness, performance, heart health, metabolism, and enhanced mood with the least amount of time and effort.” – Dr. Paul J. Arciero FACSM, FTOS, FISSN

Over thirty years ago, Dr. Paul began his search of a better way to achieve optimal health and performance. Along the way, he learned:

  • Information overload regarding best-practices of healthy eating and proper exercise, makes it nearly impossible to know ‘who’ and ‘what’ to believe
  • Many of the current healthy lifestyle recommendations are too complex, time-consuming, and unrealistic to follow on a daily basis
  • Optimal health and performance in a mobile and technology-based society requires a completely different game plan to ensure success
  • Most people fall short and never reach their health goals

After conducting rigorous original scientific research studies in human nutrition, applied and exercise physiology for more than three decades, Dr. Paul discovered that just five strategies produce the greatest results. Everyone can follow these strategies and when they do, significant changes may occur with their health, fitness and performance.

To achieve optimal health and performance, simply incorporate PRISE into your lifestyle by following  Protein Pacing (P), combined with RISE fitness training on a regular basis.  RISE = Resistance (R), Interval (I), Stretching (S), and Endurance (E) training.   

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(P) – Protein Pacing

(R) – Resistance

(I) – Interval

(S) – Stretching

(E) – Endurance

PRISE also works for entire organizations and companies as a Wellness and Well-being Platform.  Visit for more information on adopting the PRISE Life protocol for your members and employees.  

For more information on Protein Pacing and PRISE, order Dr. Paul’s book on Amazon and download the free app for Apple iOS or Google Android (Available end of April 2019).   Or contact us by writing to   

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