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Do you Struggle with Losing Weight and Keeping it Off? 

If so, Watch This If You Appreciate Good Science:

The Data Is IN: You CAN Hit Your Health Goals Using the Same Scientifically PROVEN System I Used in Clinical Research to Help Thousands of Men and Women Lose Stubborn Belly Fat and Gain Lean Muscle 

This 6-Week Evidence-Based Nutrition, Fitness & Mind-Body Program is the Culmination of 30 Years of Scientific Research...
and I have the DATA to prove it!

Dr. Paul Arciero pictured in the lab during his career as Professor of Health Health & Human Physiological Sciences

The PRISE® Life Weight Loss Program
6-Module Video Course

From the Lab of Dr. Paul Arciero:

  • Do you have excess body weight and fat, especially belly fat you want to lose? Do you want more lean muscle mass?
  • Do you feel confused, frustrated, stressed, and exhausted trying to manage and take control of your health?
  • Is your current physical health causing illness and/or disease or leading in that direction?

During my thirty years in scientific research, I've heard these concerns quite frequently.

This often results in not feeling good-looking, smart, athletic, successful enough, not being in good health, and falling short providing for others.

Sadly, I have seen so many good people who are lacking self-confidence, self-awareness, emotional stability, healthy relationships, and feelings of success.

If any of my questions above hit home, don't worry... because it's not your fault. And it doesn't have to be that way for you any longer. There is a solution!

That's why I created the PRISE Life Weight Loss Program, powered by Protein Pacing!

After conducting rigorous original scientific research studies in human nutrition, applied and exercise physiology, and neuropsychology for more than three decades, I discovered that just five strategies produce the greatest results.

Everyone can follow these strategies, and when they do, very significant changes may occur with their health, fitness, and performance.

What are these five lifestyle strategies that can help you achieve lifelong vibrant health, fitness and performance?

To achieve optimal health and performance, you must follow (P)rotein Pacing, (R)esistance , (I)nterval fitness, (S)tretching, and (E)ndurance fitness training on a regular basis.

Together, as an acronym, they spell out, "PRISE."

(P) – Protein Pacing
(R) – Resistance
(I) –  Interval
(S) – Stretching
(E) – Endurance

How often do you need to perform each one you ask? Just once per week for each fitness letter!
That totals just four sessions per week or less than 4 hours per week of fitness training! All of my study participants have found this to be very doable using the strategies I provide to them.  
Protein Pacing is performed 6 days per week and then 1 day of Intermittent Fasting.

Dr. Paul Arciero - PRISE Life

Benefits of a PRISE Life

By following my PRISE Life Protocol, you will receive many benefits that I've documented scientifically such as:

1) Reset your metabolism in as little as 4 weeks by increasing metabolism by as much as 100% compared to other eating plans

2) Lose up to 33% of your belly fat (Quantitative data and photographic evidence are provided at the bottom of the page) 

3) Increase your lean muscle mass 100% compared to traditional heart healthy diet

4) Significantly increase your mood state, especially feelings of energy and vigor and vitality so you can thrive again at home, work and in your community 

5) Decrease your feelings of confusion and fatigue

6) Massively reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes (high blood sugar and insulin), high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease

7) Greatly reduce levels of harmful oxidative stress and increase healthy antioxidant activity at the same time your body initiates toxin removal from your body. 

Perhaps the best news of all is that every one of these benefits has been scientifically documented by me and my research team, using the PRISE Protocol and Protein Pacing strategies.

Why Listen to Me?

My research speaks for itself: Along with my team, I have published 59 peer-reviewed scientific studies. My work has influenced millions through my articles in the popular media, including the Wall Street Journal, O Magazine, TIME, and many more.

Additionally, I am a Fellow of three of the most respected healthcare, nutrition, and fitness organizations in the world and I've spoken to leading organizations around the globe including NASA, The American Heart Association, The National Institute of Health, Washington DC Capitol Hill, and The American Psychological Association and the American Physiological Association, as well as leading companies such as Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), and Nintendo.

But I'm listing credentials here for a reason! I want you to believe that my PRISE Life Program can do for you what it has done for thousands of others.

The result it creates in YOUR life is why I do what I do!

Are you excited yet? Here's how the program works:

The PRISE® Life Weight Loss Program

Video Module 1: Introduction to PRISE and Goals – Visualize and Harmonize using my Body Visit

Thirty years of human nutrition and metabolism research have taught me two primary lessons:

1) Our bodies thrive on a diet consisting of 25% to 40% lean, healthy protein (from both plant and animal sources), along with at least 25% healthy fats and oils and lots of fresh veggies, certain legumes, whole grains and fruits, and...

2) Performing a combination of fitness routines, as opposed to just 1 or 2 different types, on a weekly basis results in drastic health and physical performance improvements. These two scientific facts are the foundation of my Protein Pacing® diet and PRISE® Life exercise protocol, respectively.

3) Creating a healthy ‘self-talk’ between your body, mind and spirit is essential to reaching your full potential.

In this first module, we'll discuss goals for the programs as I share how excited I am to coach you to optimal health and performance using my Protein Pacing Diet and PRISE Life protocol!

You will also practice and learn my favorite method for developing a healthy relationship among your body, mind and spirit using a mindfulness awareness meditation I created called the “Body Visit” at the same time you create goals you want to achieve with your health and performance. For example, how do you want to “think, feel, look, and act/do” when you complete the 6 week PRISE Life Weight Loss Program?

So often we live a “conditioned lie” supported by our sub-conscious thought patterns, yet we should be living a life of “truth and virtue” that is programmed by our conscious and even super-conscious thinking. I will help you discover your “truth and virtue” using scientifically supported techniques that have helped thousands of people. This simple process, including your virtue reveal/breakthrough is both an epiphany and a rebirth.

Video Module 2: The Protein Pacing Diet

Research data shows that for every 1% increase in calories from protein and 1% reduction in carbohydrate calories, overall food intake may decrease by 33 calories a day! In other words, the more healthy, lean protein consumed, the fewer calories you eat and the more likely you will lose weight and improve your health.

This demonstrates why Protein Pacing® holds the key to healthy weight loss and optimal performance. Several human nutrition intervention studies from my laboratory at Skidmore College provide strong support for following my Protein Pacing® diet to decrease total body weight and body fat (including abdominal and harmful visceral fat), increase proportion of lean muscle mass and improve cardiovascular and metabolic health.

Video Module 3: Resistance Fitness

Scientific research, including my own, shows that muscle strength, tone, size and performance may be enhanced by performing resistance exercises that use nothing more than a person’s body weight and possibly the addition of resistance bands and balls made of rubber along with a couple of weighted medicine balls.

In fact, you don’t need to go to a gym, lift heavy weights and grunt a lot to improve your muscle function. It’s as simple as using your own body weight plus a few extra pieces of light-weight and mobile fitness equipment.

Video Module 4: Interval Sprint Fitness 

“Slow and steady wins the race” is an often repeated saying that reminds us to slow down and take our time.

However, when it comes to your health and fitness, ‘sprinting’ in the form of high-intensity sprint interval training is one of the most effective and efficient types of exercise to burn fat, build muscle, strengthen the heart, and increase metabolism.

Choose any type of exercise you prefer! This includes walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming, elliptical, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, jumping rope, rollerblading, rowing, etc, or whatever else you enjoy!

Video Module 5: Stretching Fitness 

Stretching, flexibility and yoga is the “glue” that holds the body together and without it, your body would fall apart and the risk of injury would increase dramatically.

Our muscular and skeletal (bones) systems function like pulleys and levers and therefore they need to be kept well-lubricated and aligned properly. In addition, our tendons and muscles (the cables of the pulley) need to be adequately stretched and cared for to prevent them from becoming stiff and brittle to avoid tearing. Stretching exercises are particularly important the more physically active we are and as we age.

A regular stretching/flexibility routine that moves the joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles through a range of motion is critical to maintaining optimal health and function. This type of exercise routine may take different forms such as simple stretching, yoga, tai chi, pilates, etc. Your choice!

Video Module 6: Endurance Fitness ​

By definition, the "runner's high" is an enhanced mood state that occurs during or following endurance exercise of more than an hour. It is related to a flood of endorphins in the brain which are associated with feelings of euphoria, happiness, and for some, extreme peacefulness. The more endorphins released during exercise, the more intense the feelings.

Up until a recent German study, the runner's high was mostly anecdotal and never actually proven to exist from a scientific standpoint. However, these new findings provided first-hand evidence that endurance exercise (for at least 60 minutes or more) increases endorphin release in the brain as well as feelings of euphoria and happiness.

As an avid endurance athlete myself, I have experienced the runner's high for decades, so this study validated that my feelings were not imagined. More importantly, the study proved the runner's high is real and performing endurance exercise increases feelings of euphoria, happiness and peacefulness… it’s the purest form of a "natural high."

In this final module, we'll cover how you too can choose an endurance exercise to safely experience this healthy "natural high"!

My Promise to You

When you complete my 6-week program, you will experience:

1) Self-confidence from achieving your health goals: Weight/fat/belly fat loss, lean muscle gain, and metabolism reset.

2) Emotional stability and health.

3) Energy, vitality, vigor and health will be restored.

4) Healthier relationships with yourself and others.

5) Better physical performance at work, home, sexually, and in your community.

The Guarantee

If you follow my protocol, you'll get the results!

If you follow the instructions and for some reason don't get the results, which is possible but would really surprise me, then simply email me at for a full refund.

But with the exception of rare health conditions, I can confidently guarantee this protocol works based on my 30-year scientific career.

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Past PRISE® Research Study Results

Here are some of the top participants from past studies that I've led. These studies were performed with the scientific rigor required for publication in major journals.

Not everyone gets these amazing results, but virtually everyone who has followed my protocol sees a very significant and measurable improvement by the end!

Charlene's Results

Weight Loss: 27 pounds
Waist Circumference Loss: 7 inches
Overall Fat Loss: 26.2 pounds
Belly Fat Loss: 3.1 pounds

Charlene's Report

"Everything you and the team did to monitor us and lead us on a path to lifelong wellness was done perfectly. You all spared no expense in your time, effort, materials, food products, tests, and SUPPORT!! I said so many prayers of thanks to God for allowing me to participate in the program and I was sincerely humbled by everything I was able to achieve. I reached my lowest weight in my adult life. What an achievement!!!"

Joe's Results

Weight Loss: 37 pounds
Waist Circumference Loss: 8 inches
Overall Fat Loss: 31.5 pounds
Belly Fat Loss: 5 pounds

Joe's Report

"I have maintained most of my weight loss and last summer started biking 20 to 40 miles a week and now that it is winter I am starting to get back into hiking, mostly up the back here in the woods."

Barb's Results

Weight Loss: 29 pounds
Waist Circumference Loss: 4 inches
Overall Fat Loss: 23.5
Belly Fat Loss: 3.4

Barb's Report

"I was surprised when I was accepted into the study because there were so many people in the informational meeting... My body responded really well to Protein Pacing and proper nutrition!

I lost about three pounds a week and my energy level increased... At the beginning of 2013 I was barely able to wear size 18 jeans. Now I wear size 14 and they are loose.

...So far I have maintained my weight loss (nearly 30 pounds from the study plus 12 from Weight Watchers). I go to the gym and use the treadmill for walking and jogging, and the circuit express for weight training. I am keeping track of my workouts and pushing myself to improve each time I go.

...I think that after 40 years my weight loss journey has come to an end and my new journey is in mindful, healthy eating. I am looking forward to living the next 40-50 years differently from the way I lived the first 50."

Jim's Results

Weight Loss: 43 pounds
Waist Circumference Loss: 9.5 inches
Overall Fat Loss: 31.5 pounds
Belly Fat Loss: 5.3 pounds

Jim's Report

"Thank you again for all of your effort and work in supporting me through this experience. It has been a wonderful and truly life changing event for me and my family. I would be very glad to share a before and after comparison as I know this is the reason I have been able to improve not only my weight but truly my overall health...

Anyway here are two pictures that reflect the changes that have occurred for me. The first was taking right before the study started and the second was taken on December 12th. They definitely show the changes that have taken place in me. Even though I lived through it, seeing it really brings the point home."

Jeannie's Results

Weight Loss: 22 pounds
Waist Circumference Loss: 5 inches
Overall Fat Loss: 18.5 pounds
Belly Fat Loss: 1.5 pounds

Jeannie's Report:

"This has been the most successful experience I've ever had in a decades-long quest to get healthy... You have started all of us on the life-long path to continue and improved healthy living, and I am very, very grateful. And I expect you will continue to see in us the truly successful repercussions of this study for a very long time. Can’t thank you enough for the positive impact you’ve had on my life."

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